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There is nothing to say.

So say it loud.

do not drink that
14 February 1987
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♪ We talked. Together sharpening a knife. Like killing partners for a life. Hey we can hide the bodies on the ride home. Now here we are. We're licking skin to wipe us clean. Strike a match pour gasoline. Ditch the scene and watch the city burn. Sleep my lap will be a pillow steering-wheel turn. We drive. To leave the past and clear the mind. To watch the sunset at its time. I swear you're fine. I'm your ride home. Now close your eyes. It's getting dark and the highway's clear. No sign of life from front to rear. It's just you my dear on the ride home. We're going home.

We talked. Together sharpening a knife. Like killing partners for a life. Hey we can hide the bodies on the ride home. Cos we're going home.

I'll be reaching for the stars with you honey who cares no-one else believes so I set fire to everyone around but you (I told you) I told you we'd do it

So ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, yeah, we won.

"What's in the bottle, Joy?"
"Poison," Joy said with a smile. The lips of her smile were shy and girlish, but the eyes smiled a thousand years sly.
"Ah," I said, and I tasted the tea. It was rich and fragrant, just as it had been before, but this time there was a hint of bitterness.
"Biff, can you guess what your lesson is today?" Joy asked...

"Today's lesson is, if someone puts poison in your tea, don't drink it..."

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